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Dec. 24th, 2011 09:48 pm
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Please feel free to use the following format when you post your log.

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Who: Rise Kujikawa and you!
What: Super late adult!Rise shenanigans, some last(-ish?) moments with friends
When: December 9th through 12th (adult loss) / Around Christmas (everything else)
Where: Anywhere and everywhere! Open to castle or winterland where applicable.
Rating: PG to PG-13, there will probably be makeouts

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The return

Dec. 25th, 2014 10:00 am
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Who: Everyone
What: Returning to Paradisa, with refugees in tow
When: The 24th, after HERE
Where: Cair Solemme

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Who: All residents
What: The weather shifts, a stranger arrives, and escape to another castle is necessary
When: 22nd and 23rd
Where: The winter village

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Who: Everyone
What: Waking up in a winter wonderland
When: December 10th
Where: ???

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Who: Rise Kujikawa and you!
What: Bitty Rise shenanigans!
When: December 5th through 8th
Where: Anywhere and everywhere!
Rating: probably extremely G

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Who: Thranduil and you...?
What: Bitty Thranduil is loose! Possible Kissmas shenanigans, but if so innocent kisses only, cheek etc
When: Dec 4-Dec 11
Where: Castle, grounds, etc
Rating: Should stay G

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Who: Felix and anyone on the expedition
What: Exploring Mineas Well
When: November 17th-18th
Where: Mineas Well
Rating: PG

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Open Log

Nov. 9th, 2014 11:32 am
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Who: Conan and Anyone
Where: Kitchen
What: Cooking is tough when you can't reach the counter.
When: Now 

Conan had been seven for four years now. But there were some things he didn't think he would ever get used to.

The simplest tasks became complicated when you couldn't reach anything more than three feet off the ground. He couldn't open doors without jumping. He couldn't reach a sink or a cabinet without a chair and some impressive gymnastics.

Which naturally had made eating a challenge in Paradisa. With no adult guardians to play the part of a kid for, Conan had been forced to fall back on his own extremely limited cooking skills. He could make coffee and barely heat something up in a microwave. And if he skipped a meal now and then?  Well the brain worked better with an empty stomach anyway.

But after the heated argument with Dairine from a few weeks ago about his ability to take care of himself, Conan had been determined to prove that he could do better. Cooking was just following instructions, right? How difficult could it be?

And that was why Conan was now perched on a chair in front of the stove as he tried to puzzle through a stack of cookbooks and instruction manuals.

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Who: Everyone
What: The carnival will leave tomorrow. Those left must save the ones Mr. Dark has ensnared, or lose them to the carnival forever.
When: Thursday, October 30th
Where: The grounds outside the castle.
Rating: pg-13 for creepiness

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Who: Washington and Church (Closed log, however, if you want to get some CR, PM me and I can expand it to include him patrolling)
What: An overdue check in
When: October 29
Where: Wherever Wash finds Church
Rating: PG-13

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Who: Everyone
What: A carnival arrives
When: October 26th-29th
Where: The grounds between the city and the castle
Rating: pg-13 for some dark themes and mild horror

something wicked this way comes ).
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Who: A visitor and EVERYONE
What: Oh no it's a dragon
When: Friday, October 10th
Where: Just outside the castle
Rating: PG-13

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Who:  Agent Washington and anyone
What:  A break out in the open
When:   Toward the end of the Apple event
Where:  Out front of the castle
Rating: PG 13ish, I guess.  Will update if needed

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Who: Vanyel & Anyone who wants to join
What: Glamping  (fancy camping) at the Outpost
When: Sept. 19 - Whenever people want to go back
Where: Northern Outpost
Summary: Vanyel doesn't want to be around the Castle to much, so has gone to the Outpost for some camping and not-quite-so rough living. And he's invited anyone who wants to join them too. 
Rating: PG-13 to be safe, because people get up to shenanigans and all 

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Who: Open to all
What: Voices
When: September 14th
Where: Anywhere in the castle
Rating: ???

The whispering walls haven't stopped their chatter; if anything they're louder now than they began. The castle has been the home of so many, is it any wonder that they have so much to talk about? On this day, they're beginning to become harder to separate from each other, but at the same time nearly impossible to ignore.

Residents will find that it's loudest in the lobby, which would make sense when one considers that everyone must pass through it upon entering the castle. Perhaps this is how a voiceless castle reminds them that no one is forgotten. Maybe the message is that they will always be a part of it... or maybe it's all just another ploy like most would suspect. Whatever the meaning they choose to believe, it's fair to say that nobody knows them better.

ooc: Plot mingle log. (Action tagging or prose welcome!) Make your own sections, or meet in the lobby; and keep your ears open
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Who: Everyone
What: Plot Ending - Darkness
When: Backdated to August 29th-Sept 1st
Where: Castle-Wide
Rating: PG

Between the 27th and 28th, the final battle of the plot begins when the Daevas are set loose on the Castle. Action for this battle can be played out here to be resolved by the 29th. The surviving victims of the Wendigo (Conan & Serin) were effectively rescued by day 5 (the 24th) and Mary will be gone one way or another by the 27th.

Effective midnight on the 30th, the castle returns to normal looks-wise, although that night is exceptionally dark and overcast, effectively hiding the moon and stars in the area surrounding the castle extending out to the borders of the dead zone. As punishment for taking its favorite new toys away, Paradisa is forcing two days of darkness on its remaining inhabitants.

Residents of both the castle and the town will be able to use only candlelight and small fires. Wishes for any other light source will be ignored and repeated attempts will result in the temporary loss of the ability to light a candle for a few hours. Unfortunately, there will be constant severe winds outside that create drafts and it will be a struggle to keep flames lit. Characters with the ability to create light will only be able to produce a dim glow that extends about two feet in any direction.

Electricity and any electronic gadgets will simply not work, and tinkering with them will result in a small non-life threatening (but unpleasant) electric shock with zero chance of success. The only exception will be any character that is a sentient piece of technology themselves or otherwise dependent on it to exist/continue living. In those cases, only the functions that allow them to walk and talk will be operable. Fancy tools and light sources will simply not function.

The sun will not rise again until the morning of the 1st, and with the dawn of September it's back to business as usual in Paradisa, all threats having disappeared and the castle itself returning to its normal appearance, with the exception of any lingering week-long death losses for the departed.

[ooc: Feel free to use this log to start your own dated threads in reaction to the darkness or the world going back to normal! Starting your own logs is also totally fine.]
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Who: Ashura and Anyone
What: Ashura is returned from his ghostly state and now finds himself facing the reality of his loss
When: Tuesday, August 26 (Parantural Day 6)
Where: His room
Rating: PG-13 (for traumatic horror)
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Who: Felix and anyone
What: Ghost shenanigans + start of his death loss
When: August 26th and part of the 27th (Paranatural days 6 & 7)
Where: Anywhere in the castle
Rating: pg-13 for dead people

Unfinished business, that's what... )
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Who: All you big damn heroes out there
What: The appearance of a mysterious altar
When: Days 7-8
Where: The Lobby
Rating: PG-13

Late Wednesday evening, residents might notice a subtle addition to the lobby. Had it been there the whole time? Was it perhaps hidden before? Were they simply not able to see it?

On a mirrored table now sits a goblet of blood, seemingly from which a strange symbol has been drawn on the surface. Miscellaneous talismans, animal bones, and tarots seem to factor in as well, and several candles are arranged in what seems to be a specific formation. It remains cloaked in shadow even when the rest of the lobby is brightly lit. Occasionally, an ominous breeze seemingly from nowhere blows, fanning the flames and lightly shifting the items strewn across the tabletop.
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Who: Galadriel and whoever wants to interact with her
What: A log for all things during the Paranatural Event. Gathered here to avoid spamming the comm. I’m just repeating the general comment I left in the main log and putting subsections with days and possibilities in the comments. Respond with an interaction or else just let me know you want one and I’ll come up with something. Alternately, ping me for plotting. Prose or bracket spam is fine.
When: 8/22-8/27-ish
Where: The Clinic, various places in the castle, Galadriel's room
Rating: PG-13? Will contain mentions of blood, hallucinations, possible talk of past battles and all that entails, etc. Will update warnings as necessary.

though she did not perceive that the shadow of the same evil had fallen upon the minds of all the Noldor, and upon her own. )