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Nightmare Plot

Who: Katniss and You!
What: Welcome to the 77th Annual Hunger Games ...
When: Nightmare plot
Where: The Arena (and for those familiar with it, The Seam.)
Rating: Definitely R for blood, gore, and the death of children.

The first thing you hear booming is the voice, from your glass tube as you slowly rise up from ...where? You're not sure. All you know is that you are trapped in a glass tube and you are going up. And there's that man - that so jovial man calling out over a loudspeaker from somewhere.

"Welcome to the 77th Annual Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor! It's time for the countdown .... "

And there you are, finally, in the light, in a giant semi-circle where the dirt is suspiciously piled high. There's a long, green field, cut off by a fence that says 'High Voltage'. There are woods to one side of the fence, and to the other, a low valley filled with wooden houses. Somewhere, smoke is rising from the coal mines.


When you look around - you see ... children. Dozens and dozens of children on similar pillars. Some look scared. Some look determined. Some look ... well you never really thought a child could look murderous. They range from eleven to seventeen, and you might even recognize Clove.


On one end, there is Katniss. Looking pale, sick, but there's a fire in her eyes that says she knows what this fight is. When your eyes lock, she looks surprised to see you there, but all she does is tap her nose once, then jerk towards the field in front of you.

"8 ...."

There you will see the cornucopia - a broad, metal one. Filled with supplies, and supplies are spread out all around it. Weapons are right inside, and backpacks are spread in a ever-widening circle around. Katniss nods towards the packs - go for the supplies. She'll get the weapons.


She looks to the woods after that.


First rule of the Games - always know where to run.

"5 ... 4 ...3 ... 2...1....Let The Games Begin!"

Katniss jumped off the pillar like a gazelle and sprinted right towards the bow and arrows. A large muscled boy came at her from the left; she feints, then jumps, flipping to grab him by the neck with her legs and slam him to the ground, before rolling to her feet and keep running. She grabs a sword, and the bow and arrows, taking the arrow in hand as she sprints back towards you, screaming, "RUN! RUN!"

The Clove-look-alike comes at her from the side, and Katniss doesn't even hesitate, she steps smoothly back and slices her throat open with one smooth, soldierly motion, before running forward again.
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Wait. What the heck is going on? Where is he? What is this game? And... why are all the kids suddenly killing each other?

All these thoughts rush through Percy's mind in a matter of seconds. His reflexes kick in and he starts to run, too. His initial thought is to get a shield. He doesn't plan on hurting any of these kids, and he couldn't anyway with Riptide.
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Percy fits the shield on, wishing he had armor to go with it. But it looked like there were only weapons left. The trident was very tempting... No, Percy wouldn't take it.

"What's going on here? Why are they attacking us?" Clearly this girl knew more about this than him.
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That explanation was revolting. Percy knew what it was like to fight to the death, and could only think of one thing capable of forcing children to do it: a monster. And monsters were his specialty.

"No way! We're gonna stop the jerk behind this and save these kids! I've got a good weapon to use."
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"Sorry, crazy girl, but I don't put holes in people's heads." He pulls out of her reach. True he didn't know these kids from anybody but it wasn't in him to just turn his back on people in trouble.

"You act like you know what's going on, so start explaining."
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This kinda sounded familiar. The kids sent somewhere to be killed off... A lot like the story of the Labyrinth. Who would think to do that again and call it a game? It was awful.

"It may be your world, but it's not mine. I don't have to play by the rules. I'm not killing anybody."
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"Fine, you take the lead, but we protect each other, got it? We're doing this as a team or not at all."

It wasn't like he had a thing against girls protecting him; Annabeth did it all the time. He just didn't know this girl and didn't know her fighting style. But she did know the terrain so she could lead the way.
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"Name's Percy." He smiled a little seeing her bow. He knew a lot of girls who were good archers. This one wasn't his world but he still hoped Apollo and Artemis were with her.

When the four kids appeared Percy acted on instinct: he brought his shield out and charged into one of them. His goal was to knock them out, not kill them. Even if these kids were meaning to kill him, Percy figured they were being controlled by something more powerful.

And with his luck, he'd stumble on that something any moment now.
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Usually Percy didn't concern himself with things like exposing his back to the enemy. But when a tribute took advantage, Percy turned to use his shield again.

"Stop attacking us!" he snapped at them. "I'm not your enemy! Why don't you fight with us?" Yeah, that was how Percy rolled: offering friendship to people trying to kill him.
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Percy didn't know what was going on, but the others weren't trying to kill them so that was a good first step. He wished he knew more about these Gamekeepers.

"I know how it feels to have a family in danger, believe me. But do you really think killing us is going to make yours any safer? No. As long as those Gamekeeper guys are around, you and your family will always be in danger. But if we take them out, we'll make things safe for everyone."

He took a deep breath. He was a little rusty with inspirational speeches, but he hoped that one was good enough to keep him and this girl alive for a while longer.
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It was a lot to ask of kids who were clearly scared and convinced that killing was the only way out. Being the son of Poseidon or part of a Roman legion sure wasn't going to impress them. But he was a leader, and so was this girl.

"I'm not killing any of you," he said. "I'm going after the guys in charge."
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"You take the lead, Katniss," Percy invited her. "I'll bring up the rear." Not that he didn't trust these kids, but he'd been stabbed in the back before.
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Explosions were not a good thing. Wasn't it enough that kids were killing each other? Did they seriously have to explode stuff too? Percy wished they had one more ally so he could get reports on what was happening. But since no one else was around he even knew, he just pressed the others to go a little faster.

You know, so they could avoid exploding, too.
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"Okay...?" Percy eyed her expectantly. "I'll bite. Where are we?"

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