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A Fine Warrior, and a Finer Craftsman [Closed]

Who: Thorin Oakenshield and Will Stanton
What: Thorin teaches Will how Dwarves craft fine jewelry
When: After the Fifth Doctor plot
Where: Thorin's room
Rating: G-PG? Thorin'll probably end up swearing at some point...hot metal 'n all...

Most Dwarves of Middle Earth were skilled warriors. But beyond that, Dwarves were skilled miners and craftsmen. The wealthy would come from miles around to pay for Dwarf-made jewelry. It was indeed the finest in Middle Earth, after all.

Thus, when Will and Thorin had discussed jewelry-making, Thorin had been only too eager to boast the skill of his kin. By the end of the discussion, the two had arranged for Thorin to teach Will how to make fine Dwarf jewelry. Thorin had assembled bits of metal and larger pieces of beads. He had then started a fire in his fireplace to help soften the metal, if necessary.

Now all he had to do was wait. Thorin picked up his pipe from his bed and proceeded to smoke the fine Shire-Weed that he so enjoyed.
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The last few days had been hard for Will. It had been a very long time indeed since his duty had called him to fight. And somehow, this had been more personal than many of his battles against the Dark. A dark had come and invaded someone he thought of as a friend, and that had made it difficult for him in ways that he never would have predicted.

In the end, Will was rather relieved when he remembered his promise to come and learn from Thorin. It would be a distraction from his own thoughts, and he needed that right now.

He comes and knocks on the door.
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Will shakes his head.

"Smoking isn't really something that is done for one of my age."
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Will moves through the tools and materials and names all of them. Then he pauses.

"Dad started out with safety. Apart from that, I've only learned engraving and basic preparation."
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There was one shape that had been on Will's mind a great deal recently. Not the circle quartered by a cross. That was sign with too much power for practicing on. The signs that even now hung on his belt were proof of that. But that older shape that was also a symbol of his kind in a way.

"Perhaps a circle?"
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"Bronze carried long," Will murmurs as he chooses. As an Old One, he knew the virtues of all metals, just as he knew the virtues of trees and the names of the stars. But bronze held a special meaning to him. It was the second sign, the Sign of Bronze. The Second of the Signs commissioned by the Old Ones to represent the second great age of Men.

He listens quietly to the instructions, and follows them carefully.

"Will it take long to melt?"
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"In my world, too," Will said quietly. "Bronze is among the oldest of all metals worked by men. Bronze objects have been found in the hills that are thousands of years old."

He could well remember the day that his eyes had gazed through time to see people burying their bronze and gold treasures, thousands of years before he had been born. He still remembered the taste of fear on the air, and the feeling of danger from the East. Always, it came from the East.

"A symbol of civilization, some people say."

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Will dips his head in acknowledgement as his fingers trace the signs of bronze and iron on his belt.

"They are in the legends of my kind as well."

Will takes the mold and very carefully follows the instructions. Once, long ago, he had been branded by hot metal. It was not a pain he wished to experience again.
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No worries! WIll is the one I can backtag forever with

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"Will it cool now?"

The boy carefully steps away from the mold.
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The boy nods and does so.

"I suppose I always liked visiting Dad's shop when I was younger. I used to watch him work. And now... I think he was hoping that at least one of us kids might follow his work. I figure that's why he started teaching me."
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"A jeweler." Will says. "He has a shop in a town close to my home. I always liked visiting it when I was younger."
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Will shakes his head.

"I still haven't learned much. This is the first time I have done anything with hot metal."